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I’ve always considered myself as a cracked egg because once an egg is cracked it’s impossible for it to be pieced back together. I came out of my shell during the end of my 5th grade year towards my 6th grade year. First and foremost before we get that far this is how it all began. I was born in Freetown, Sierra Leone; a really small country located in West Africa. A place where the smile of children warms your heart. You don’t go a day without hearing the hearts of your ancestors roar with satisfaction. I resided in in Freetown and lived a pretty regular life. I went to school, came home, ate, studies then repeated the same cycle over and over again.

I dwelled there until I was 8 - during one sunny afternoon when you could hear the weary cows, stray dogs scream the sound of uneasiness and footsteps approaching into the compound carrying what at the time was bad news. Undoubtedly, I immediately knew that those footsteps were my mother’s and she informed me that we were relocating to the United States. “This is a very huge opportunity for all of us” she began to ramble. Meanwhile, I was still digesting the news she had just fed me with. “Before we move to the states we have to spend 2 weeks in Senegal in order to get the paperwork we need, we can’t just illegally move to the U.S, you know?” she continued. Accordingly, I pretended to be engaged in what she was saying by nodding my head.

Eventually, four months went by since that day. During those four months we traveled to…

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