My Life - Original Writing Essay

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When I was born my mother was living in Calumet, so that’s where I was. My birth put a delay on things. She was 18 by one day and still finishing high school. That is where we lived for the first two years of my life. I don’t recall anything from that time but I’ve frequently gone back to the house, until recently. The house itself is not within the city limits of Calumet; it is alongside Lake Superior. The road going to it passes by the soccer fields and slopes down the longest hill i 've ever seen towards the lake. The road appears to go directly into the lake, but turns sharply left at the bottom. Along the right side of the road is Buck’s Park, and along the left is the Boyscouts Park and lots of woods. The house is just 150 meters from the sharp turn. It sits just along the top of a cliff that descends to a constantly changing beach. The beach is the best part of the house even though the water is freezing. The house itself is greenish-gray in color and lies hidden at the end of a winding drive. There is only one story to the house but it still has all the space it needs. It contains a large living room with a medium-sized kitchen and dining room joined to it, and a hallway that leads to two bedrooms; one bathroom, and three linen closets. The kitchen and dining room have a wall of glass that faces the lake and is skirted by a giant deck. From the deck there is an old stone path that leads to an even older set of stairs that descend to the lake. The…

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