My Life - Original Writing Essay

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All throughout my life I have struggled with loving myself. I tried over and over again wondering why it was not working and then slowly I realized the reason. The reason was because I could not accept myself. I struggled with finding myself and self-issues. Loving yourself starts with finding yourself and accepting what you found. My grandmother always said to me, “You have to love yourself first before you can love anyone else.” I never understood why she always said it to me but deep down I knew. All throughout my life I struggled with loving myself. Somehow, no matter how hard I hit it, my grandmother knew. She would always follow up with, “the key to loving yourself is finding and accepting who you are.” I now know that this is true. Loving yourself starts with finding and accepting yourself for who you are.
Waking up every morning to get ready for school so I could play with friends was always my big excitement. Learning the different colors, shapes, numbers, and the alphabet were in the back of my mind during recess. When I entered 5th grade, things started getting rocky and I started spiraling downwards. Being criticized over a length of time played a part in my unraveling.
The first was problem my clothes which weren’t up to date with “society’s” fashion trend. The snickers and remarks were not supposed to impact me but they did. Then my looks were not what others liked and that became a part of the insults. As I got older the more it impacted me until I…

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