My Life - Original Writing Essay

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It was just a few days before the start of sophomore year and everything seemed splendid. I was enthusiastic to be one year closer to graduation and seeing all my friends that I hadn’t seen all summer. But little did I know, that life was about to become weird, confusing, and awkward. That day is not a day that I will forget anytime soon. My mom sat us down, said she had to tell us something. I thought she was going to tell us that someone had died. Turns out someone did die, in a sense. Uncle Roger had decided that he was a woman stuck in a man’s body and he was finally, at the age of sixty-five, going to do something about it. My uncle had died and in his place was a woman named Antarie.
At first I couldn’t comprehend what my mom was telling me, she was crying so much. She read us the e-mail that he had sent out to the whole family. He expressed how he had felt this way since he was a child, but growing up in the fifties, his parents frowned upon him wanting to dress like a woman. He joined the Navy to try to prove to them that he was a man and when he got out of the military he became a firefighter. He talked about how he tried to prove to himself that he was a man, but he couldn’t battle with himself anymore. When I finally processed what she was saying, all I could think about was my aunt and how difficult this must be for her. She claims that she still loves him, but we can’t help but think she is miserable.
Before he made this decision to change…

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