Essay My Life - Original Writing

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I remember back when I was a kid, I was in the truck with my Dad. He let me sit in the front seat, and I was so excited because my Mom never let me sit in the front seat, she kept insisting that I was too small and that it wasn’t safe. But there I was, sat up front, feet swinging, barely touching the floor. I turned all the air vents on high and pointed them at me. The wind blew my hair back and away from my face. I imagined we were in a stylish convertible, top down, sun shining instead of in Dad’s old Ford Truck on a rainy day on these back roads.

I could see everything from up there, a perfect vantage point. I was finally tall enough to see over the dashboard, to see the roads shinny with rain and dark trees that lined the ditch. I even saw as the deer jumped out from the woods and ran right into the road.

Dad slammed the breaks as fast as he could. My head head hit the dashboard, no air bags, and my seatbelt buckled too late, hard against my chest. We collided with the innocent creature.

All was silent for a few moments, until we really realized what had happened.

I ran out of the truck and cried at the deer laying still at our bumper. I heard my Dad coming after me.

“Mia! Get back in the truck now! You’re hurt, you need help, we need to get you home!”

I couldn’t move.

“He’s hurt! He needs help! He needs to go home!” I cried pointing at the deer.

My father hated me, I could see it in his eyes. He knew I wouldn’t move until he did something.
He bent down to…

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