My Life - Original Writing Essay

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I stretch, "me too." I keep stretching til my shoulder pops and when it does I let out a small moan then form a pillow with my arm and look at Colton.
His eyes are closed and he has his arm behind his head and the other one on his chest. He has a little stubble growing on his chin which I love. Guys with some hair on their face is my weakness.
I lean over and kiss him on the cheek. That wakes him up and I soon regret what I did, "sorry. Go back to sleep."
He rubs his eyes, "no, it 's okay."
I nod and turn over on my back. I start biting on my nails and study the ceiling, "why do you like me?" I shut my mouth quick and my eyes widen as I realized what I said. Shit.
"There 's a lot of reasons," he says quietly. "You 're different."
I roll my eyes, I 've heard that before.
"You 're..mysterious. Like the color black, yet somewhere down in you have a story to tell and I 'm waiting to hear it. I think you 're funny and you 're very gorgeous."
I let out a sigh, "that 's really ni-"
"Most girls throw themselves at a guys, but you don 't. And I like that. Even though I wish you would like me the way I like you, but it 's okay."
I do. I 've never felt this way about anyone. Past boyfriends, my family, even some friends. They never made me feel worth something. I sigh and bite on my nails.
"Stop doing that." Colton pulls my hand away and puts it on his chest. "You won 't be hungry for dinner if you keep eating your hand."
I smile, "is that a The Breakfast Club quote?"
He chuckles a…

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