Essay on My Life - Original Writing

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“Today is not the day. I can not do it. I am just not ready.” I thought to myself. Every thump of my heartbeat sounded like the ticking of a clock. I stare gazing at the motion of the water running slowly on the coarse grainy rocks that laid so still beneath the dull water. My hands slipped as I was trying to grab a grip on the edges of the bridge. The tall grass on the side of the river bent sideways and my hair got pushed back by a gush of cold wind. I observed so precisely the colorful leaves dancing around the meadow field and how they swirled around the trees. I took a deep breath and took a glance one more time at the surrounding around me. My body shacked as a lend myself toward the river. However, the fear and culpability inside of me just weakened me. No matter how hard I tried, I could not do it. So I proceeded quickly to get off the edge of the bridge and run back home. I did not want to go home but I was just so demorlize by my action. I needed to go to a place that comfort me....... no not my parents, not my friends ... my room.

A few steps from my door way and I can already hear my mother’s furious voice yelling and my dad slamming his fist on the table. I hesitated for a second, thinking weather it was the right choice to walk in. The last thing I did not want was my father to say he will leave the house like he did five years ago. I was surprise he came back without feeling any repentant of how left me alone. Turning the doorknob, everything became quiet.…

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