My Life - Original Writing Essay

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Many people have cherished possessions. For some it could be a stuffed animal that they told everything and couldn’t go a place without it, or a blanket they carried everywhere they went from playing outside to cuddling with it to go to sleep. Maybe it’s a necklace or a ring that has been passed down from generation to generation. The necklace could be one that all the women in your family wore at their wedding. No matter which way you came about the possession it has some significant meaning to one self. My china hutch holds much sentimental value of love, laugh and joyous memories. Memories of the time spent with my best friend and family treasures.
After my mother, Audrey, passed away I came home one day to find a hutch in the corner of my bedroom. I didn’t give much thought into the fact of the hutch being there. Later that evening I asked my fiancé where the beautiful hutch had come from. He looked over at me and said “I bought this for you so that you would have a beautiful cabinet to put the photo of your mother, the watch, and the china in.” I looked back at him with tears in my eyes and began to cry. Even though I didn’t say thank you right away he knew how much that surprising gift touched my heart. I now had a beautiful cherry wood hutch with two shelves and a beautiful glass door. On the top shelf of the cabinet there is a photo of my mother. The photo rests in a beautiful pink glass frame that reads “MOM, Her presence makes all the difference in life” below the…

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