Essay on My Life - Original Writing

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“Mother I have been waiting to see him for over three months please, I really want his autograph” Chloe my sister whines. My door is shut and I am laying on my bed, to most I would look calm but really I am waiting for her response ready to run in there if needed. “Chloe, you know how it would look if you are not there, you are going don’t bring it up again,” my mother says. She is drunk, I can tell by the way her words are slightly slurred. I silently wait until I hear her door slam shut. Getting off of my bed I walk into the kitchen where Chloe is sitting with her head on the counter. “Kate I’m so sorry I know how much work you probably put in to get me that ticket, I wanted to go so badly, I am so sorry,” her voice cracking at the end. “Hey it’s okay,” I reassure her, “there is always next time.”
“I’m sick of always having to wait till next time, I want his autograph now” she says sounding defeated.
“How about this, I will go and get his autograph for you, it won’t be the same as you going but it’s still something.” “Really! Oh you have to tell me if he is hotter in person, well I mean of course he will be but still,” she trailed of sounding excited again. Laughing I hugged her “of course, I’ll tell you all about it” I said. “So who am I going to see Justin Wilson?” “Kate that is not funny! Its Jack Williams, you do that all the time,” she says sounding frustrated. “Sorry squirt it’s too funny not to tease you” I said grinning. “Have you eaten anything today? I…

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