Narrative Essay About My Favorite Sport

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According to, volleyball is a game in which two teams, six people on each, are attempting to keep a ball in motion over a high net, by using hands and arms to keep from touching the ground. Volleyball is a popular sport not just for women, but men also. This sport, volleyball, used to be my life until I got to high school. I have gone through many stages of volleyball that have sculpted me to who I am today. My first stage started in the third grade, when I started recreational volleyball. This stage was me getting out of my comfort zone, because I was an extremely shy child. Playing this sport with my friends created a bond that can now never be broken. The coaches I had were parents to one of my best friends, it was one of my …show more content…
Sadly, this is when volleyball started to become less enjoyable. Freshman through junior year were amazing, I played on the junior varsity team my freshman and sophomore year, my junior year I sat varsity. However, these three years I had still felt as though I was a part of the team, even if I did not play. Having sat varsity my junior year, I assumed my senior year I would play varsity. Senior year came along and I did not feel the same about my favorite sport. Not getting to play was the first problem that had struck me. I may have not been the best on the team, but when we were beating an opposing team by ten points and I was still sitting on the bench, I lost self confidence. Not being included in practice was another obstacle that I struggled with. Players can not get better if they do not practice, therefore; only playing those in the rotation and not subbing people out was not making me a better player. Lastly, being a part of the team senior year made me feel like I had lost self worth. This final stage in my volleyball career taught me to make my own happiness and not let it depend on others. Therefore, I quit the sport that was my first

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