Essay about My Life Of The United States Of Mexico

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I was born on May 9th, 1998 in Zacatecas, Mexico, a small town in the center of Mexico. I am the third child, before me I have two sisters and after me I have one little brother. I lived in Mexico for two years before we began our Journey to the United States of America. We had a really good life in Mexico. My dad was railroad constructor (he would lay out tracks and fix them for trains) in doing so he made a lot of money. We have two houses in Mexico, and we own 10 acres of land. In Mexico most people build their own houses, they do not take out mortgages, so once you build it, it’s yours. We always had more than enough food to eat, we would have the top designed clothes, and our house was nicely furnished. My mom would buy us clothes at least once a week, whenever we went out, to special events, she would dress me in a nice button down shirt, black pants, real leather boots, and a sombrero. My mom never worked, she was a stay at home mom. One day, my dad’s job abruptly closed leaving him without a job. We had enough money to keep us on our feet for a couple of years but with economies always changing, inflation going up, my parents did not want to risk it and decided to move me and my sisters to America, and that is how my journey began. We arrived to the United of America in the year 2000, I was two at the time so I really had no say on coming here or not. If I did, I would’ve thought of everybody we were leaving behind, Uncles, Aunts, Cousins, all the family…

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