My Life Of The Nursing Home Essay

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My choice is where my grandmother is; she is 88 and has been in the nursing home for 3 years now. The nursing home is about 2 miles out of town, which is easy to get to, it’s on a main highway they keep fairly clean. My mother talked to her siblings when the decision to put grandma in the nursing home. My mother was in her life that she couldn’t and wouldn’t get up and around.
So the decision to put her in a nursing home was a decision that wasn’t made easy. None of the siblings wanted to deal with grandma and mom couldn’t do it anymore so there was no choice. The nursing home, we chose was the same one my grandfather was in 25 years ago. The facility hadn’t changed much the regulations were different, but the building hadn’t changed much.
They had added rehab at the end of the nursing home so there was long term care on end and rehab on the other. When mom first checked out the nursing home the price was different, but when grandma got a raise in Social Security the rate for the nursing home went up. Grandma was allowed only $52.00 a month for personal needs. So as of now since she’s on Medicare and Medicaid she pays $931.00 per month before grandma went into the nursing home my mom had to get grandma off the deed of the house.
In order to qualify for Medicare and Medicaid grandma couldn’t have any assets because if she did mom and her siblings would have to help pay for the nursing home, which none of them could afford, it would be $400 per day so grandma’s on Medicare…

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