My Life Of The Dominican Republic Essay

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April, it was such a beautiful April. The year was 2012 and my mother wanted to fly to Dominican Republic for the spring break as usual. She bought the flights for April 5th to the 12th. I was thirteen years old, but had a mind and an appearance of an older person. Nobody could 've said I was younger than 16. It had been four summers in New York with my father. It was about time I got out. When I finally arrived in The Dominican Republic, I felt so alive. As you exit the airplane, you could already smell the intense odor of Cows, Horses, Sheep, and grass climbing up the hairs of your nose like unexpected guests on a rainy day. I hated it, but it made me feel at home. I spent most of my vacation sleeping. That was until April 8 arrived. It was a cloudy day. I could still remember the cries of old people. My grandmother 's sister was slowing agonizing her way to death. She was 93 years old. I didn 't pay attention of how she was dying,but I wanted to go to the pool that day. Next to where my grandmother resides lives my grandma 's other sister named Miledis. Miledis has two sons, Endy and Paul. Endy, 22, was my favorite cousin at the time because he would take me out when I asked him, give me money, and spoil me. I have another cousin named Elizabeth who is kind of crazy. She was 18, but she was nearly mentally disabled. On April 8, everyone was at the home of the lady who was dying. I put on shorts with my bathing suit under, put up my hair,…

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