My Life Of The American Dream Essay example

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Sitting down in the back of a moving van on a hot summer day while reading a book to distract myself from the heat and everything around me. Most summer days, I would help out my father with his work. During those days, I noticed that my father would be hunched back in the van just so he was able to fit inside. For you see, this van was his working van. Inside this van were a cooler filled with sodas covered in a layer of ice, a variety of fruit and vegetables, and plastic containers filler with cookies. These are the items I was accustomed seeing everyday as a child. This was my father’s business.
My father was born in Mexico into a family that consisted of eight people. He wasn’t able to get much since his family didn’t have much. My father had met my mother around his early twenties. He came to the United States in search of the American dream, he wanted to raise his family into a better life, a life that he wasn’t able to have. Since he came to the United States illegally, he wasn’t able to get a job like most parents had.
I would go to work with him because during the summer, there wouldn’t be anyone to take care of my sisters and me. So instead of going on family trips to exotic countries or going to the pool, my summers consisted of me helping my father sell fruit and vegetables in the back of a van. But those summer days of helping my father ended the year of my high school years. The reason for this was because my parents were separating. My sisters, my mom, and me…

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