My Life Of The Alaska Essays

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For most of my life I was raised in Alaska. Thus making it a part of who I am. Living in Alaska you learn lessons that you wouldn 't learn growing up in other states. You learn what it means to live in nature, when you have moose walking through your yard, and….. Growing up I had a great childhood I get to experience things most kids don’t ever get to experience, like playing outside when it 's snowing and -10 degrees outside or seeing the sun at midnight in the summer. Alaska is an amazing place to grew up. It made me become more outdoorsy, athletic, and more environmentally aware. People in the Pacific Northwest say that they are outdoorsy, but until you’ve gone camping in the middle of nowhere, hiked actual mountains, or been chased by the wildlife you haven 't seen outdoorsy yet. While attending school in Alaska I played five sports. I ran track and cross country, played soccer and volleyball, and I cross country skied. All of the experiences are completely different than they are in Washington. I’ve learned to play soccer and run track in blizzard weather. or track our workout was to shovel the track or run a timed 800 meter in two inches of powder. But I wouldn 't give up any of those experiences for the world. They all shaped me into the person that I am today.
After my 8th grade year in Alaska my family moved to Washington. Before evening going to school I started to play soccer for both a club team and a the high school team, so once school started I already knew a…

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