Essay on My Life Of My Surgery

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Because of my surgery I have changed physically and emotionally. Before my surgery I was physically uncomfortable because of my weight. I couldn 't do the things I wanted to, or wear certain things because I was uncomfortable and I was miserable everyday. Just by going to school or anywhere in public, especially with a big crowd.
I wasn’t treating my body right, like eating unhealthy, drinking sodas. Not working out or even trying to do anything about it. Right before my father died I just started walking and trying to do something, then he died and people were bringing over a lot of food and sweets. So I got off track and I gained more weight at that point of time.
After we recovered from that, my little sister started softball and we were always out late and had school the next day. So we never had time to cook, and the whole family would go right down the road to Chicken Express and grab something to eat and go home. At my age it’s hard being the size I was. I was angry at everyone around me including myself just for letting me get the way I was. I was always emotional and angry towards my family, always had an attitude or just hateful to them. I was mad at myself because I didn’t try or treat my body right. But now after my surgery it changed be emotionally because I’m more comfortable around people and actually wanted to participate in something. Like the other day I volunteered to work the concession stands at the pee-wee football games. I’m not always rude to…

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