My Life Of My Mother Essay

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My mother was doing what she knew what was best for our family. No child wants to move away from all they know and all that matters, but this was very traumatic for me. You may read this and think: “Did she move to a different country?”. Not quite, I was literally two hours away from my hometown but that just wasn 't the point. I didn’t want to leave my friends, my school, or my family. I am from the city of Richmond, Virginia and the downtown area of the city had begun to grow more violent than usual. Before our big move there was a double homicide by the public library that I went to faithfully everyday of the week. That 's when I knew that our move was solidified and that it was time to accept the fact that I had no control over the situation at hand. The very next day my mother drove me to the library to drop off the books that I had begun to read but didn’t finish and that was exactly how I felt: not finished.
My move to Essex County was very swift and prompt. I had my own room, my mother and father both found better jobs, and the school system was better. At this time those things didn’t matter to me, the only thing that did pester me at this time was that there was a library near my house that was walking distance away. Even then my depression had grown so bad that I had to be forced to come out of my room and interact with my family. It wasn’t that I didn’t want too, it was just hard. So I knew that it would be even harder to push my own self to get a library…

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