My Life Of My Grandfather Essay

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Back to 2010 in Iraq, My family and I were standing in front of the surgery room waiting for any news that reassure about my grandfather. After waiting 13 hours, the doctor came out and said, " I did what I was supposed to do." The ambiguity of the doctor 's words killed the hope that I had and I felt that something valuable was going to be gone forever. My grandfather 's picture started to come in front of my eyes and I started hearing babbling of his voice in my ears. My grandfather was a diligent old man who had worked until the last day of his life. He died after the surgery because of the medical lack in Iraq and this incident changed my life. Therefore, I wish if I had superpower, so I could saved my grandfather 's life because he was the one who kept our family together, taught me about loyalty, and inspired me to continue my educational path. I wish if my grandfather was alive because he taught me the everlasting value of family. First of all, my grandfather 's home was full of joy and laughter. His home was the center of every family gathering and holiday. New Year of 2006 was very special because all the family gathered together and uncle Henry came from North Iraq and I had the chance to see my cousins. I remember how my grandfather was delighted because all the family members were together celebrating the New Year. Additionally, grandfather 's home was the place where I solved my serious problems. I cannot forget the time when I moved to grandpa 's house…

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