My Life Of My Father Essay

1003 Words Nov 11th, 2016 5 Pages
With a heavy heart I am writing this letter to you today, and never would I have imagined I would have to plead for my father to able to stay with our family. Throughout my whole academic career this is the most heart wrenching and emotional letter I have ever wrote. My father has been one of the most inspirational and loving people I have ever met. It breaks my heart everyday to think he could possibly be taken away from us and it breaks my heart even more knowing he lives in fear of it. There has never been a point in time of my life where he has not been there for me or my little brother Jakub. He dedicates his whole life to his family and I am forever grateful for that. I will never be able to repay neither of my parents for it. To have this family ripped apart would forever scar me, I have grew up only knowing the love of two parents, the support, the kindness and unity. I can 't imagine not being able to run to my father with problems even if they are little or big ones. He is and forever will be the engine in this family, he keeps this family going. Every single morning he wakes up and drives Jakub to school, and as well every single afternoon he picks him up. Almost 3 years ago we bought a house in Glendale heights, it was small but it 's our little home. The walls of the living room were painted a icky orange color that automatically blinded you when you walked inside. My father spent all night painting these walls the exact color my mother wanted with no…

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