Essay on My Life Of My Father

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We live in a very small and quiet neighborhood in Monett, me and my family. There are many different beautiful houses around, and a good number of large trees that reach high up into the sky. There is a church at one end of the street and a clear and quiet cemetery on the other. We came over here to the United States in 2002 and began living in the hot and sunny, California. Not being able to find a job while having to pay the high living expense, we decided to move somewhere else. After my father had traveled around job hunting alone, in 2008 he found a job here in Monett. After that, we were promised no more moving and a better life. Although we have been separated for about 6 years during that time, he had worked hard and taught me well later in my life.
My father, Alan Tsai, is 51 years old, being born April 11, 1964. He is 5 '5” and weighs 151 pounds. His head is fairly round, but a little bit square at the lower half. The color of his eyes are a really generic brown, he wears a regular pair of glasses that shade in the sun and has black hair with a receding hairline. He’s usually always wearing cargo shorts, work boots, white socks, a second hand T-shirt and a baseball cap. This is mostly because he works as a cook from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm on weekdays. When he comes home from work, he almost always has the smell of sweat and grease on him. On weekends he likes wearing jeans, a tucked in dress shirt with a black leather belt, but still, and always, that signature…

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