My Life Of My Father Essay

1121 Words Nov 21st, 2016 5 Pages
I always knew my father wasn’t perfect. He was far from the ideal parent and far from the ideal individual everyone desired to be—an individual who is patient, understanding, and kind. But neither was I. Much like my father, I was—and still am—short tempered, stubborn, and rude. We constantly fought with each other when I was younger because we were so alike. We also fought because we were so different as well. In those days, I had completely taken for granted my father’s presence in my life. I never realized how much I enjoyed talking to him—how social we both were whenever the other was around. I never realized how much I would miss those days once we both decided it was pointless to talk to each other. When I was growing up, my parents were dedicated to keeping me on the right educational path. My adolescence was filled with various books about complex sciences and mathematics. They nurtured my work ethic before I even attended elementary school and constantly taught me to put my full effort into any activity I did. Because I am a first-generation Vietnamese American, my parents actively held me to a higher standard—they dreamt that I would attend high-ranking universities and achieve many awards. Unfortunately, their persistent determination to make me the perfect scholar ended up backfiring tremendously—in more ways than one. Their biggest oversight, however, was their absence to incorporate the teaching of Vietnamese into my curriculum. I never learned how to speak or…

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