Essay My Life Of My Father 's Side Of The Family

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It was the beautiful month of October in 2012 that I was privileged to go to a family reunion, of my father’s side of the family, in South Dakota. I was overwhelming with joy and excitement to see my favorite cousins, Ethan and Austin. That excitement was superseded also by the fact of how mountainous and traverse South Dakota is. I love to climb everything and anything I can, and I have quite the knack for it also being very lean and tall. The lodge we were staying at was very rustic and exquisite. After getting unpacked and settled into our rooms we found Ethan and Austin and proceeded to spend pretty much the whole reunion together with them every day. Sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself. I just love them so much. Anyways, the next morning my sister Elizabeth and I went for a little hike up the mountain right next to our room to the very top. I was astonished to be able to see so clearly the monumental Mount Rushmore between two hills. That was just the beginning of the day, which I could tell was gonna be an awesome one.
After a delicious breakfast we all had a gigantic tour bus awaiting us. We boarded in an orderly fashion, like corralling cattle except cattle don’t have to check to see if they packed everything they needed for the day, and pressed on toward Mount Rushmore all the while listening to the driver’s commentary and gazing out the window at the gorgeous landscape. We had the opportunity to be able to see a buffalo with its calf standing on the side of the…

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