My Life Of My Family Essay

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It was a rigorous fight of life on June 20, 1997. Not only did the doctors say that it was a 50/50 chance of surviving birth but for my mother there was no other choice. As I clawed my way out of the womb my father, the devil, only wanted me to return. But with some form of luck I made it out and was then given the name Diana Lizbeth Alvarez. Although I don’t remember much of my birth, I was told that I was a miracle to my parents. My mom and dad raised me in the San Fernando Valley in the city of Pacoima. I was raised as an only child up until I was the age of 12. Although I enjoyed being with my imaginary friends I felt happy knowing that I wasn’t going to be an only child for the rest of my life. Being that most of my family members are in Mexico, the four of us are really grateful and happy to be with one another.
Before my younger brother was born, my mom would take me with her to volunteer with the elderly. I grew to know an adorable couple and had a strong connection to the point I would call them my grandparents due to the fact that I knew them since the age of 3. My mom and I would go every Saturday morning, make their coffee, get them dressed and serve them breakfast. Along with them I would eat my breakfast and drink coffee with them. They would tell me stories of when they were younger and give me life advice even though I wouldn’t understand what they meant since I was younger. Retrieval cues make me remember certain advises they have given me every time I get…

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