Essay on My Life Of My Family

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To my family, friends, and those whom I 've given my time to over the years. Since I 'm most likely not around to say this in person I 've decided to write down some things I want to leave you all with now that I 'm gone. Now, if you know me at all you realize most of what I 've gathered over the years are not worth much, I tended to live frugally and not amass too much 'stuff '. What I am leaving you with today are things I feel people should know about my values, and what I think of things. Cherish your family, in the beginning they are all you have, but don 't let them walk all over you. Your family members, as anyone else can be, are fallible and far from perfect. They will make mistakes, they will annoy the hell out of you, and occasionally they will drive you to distance yourself from them. Do not allow that distance to last too long, you may never have the chance to reconnect. When I was a child, my mother remarried, and I gained an older stepbrother. Now, despite the fact that we had no blood relation, when our parents divorced I still considered him my brother. As we got older we lost touch, not due to any issues we just didn 't see each other as much. About five or six years ago he purchased a house less than 20 minutes from mine, and I meant to get together with him ever since. This past summer, my brother passed away from liver failure. It was sudden, it was unexpected, and it was hard on me. As my father lived across the country at the time and I…

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