My Life Of My Career Essay

1001 Words Sep 18th, 2015 null Page
My journey has been one of many trials. The culmination of my choices have lead me to this point, and I regret nothing. These trials have made me who I am: a person that I am proud to be. Although, I have not always been proud of myself.
After narrowly completing high school in Olympia, Washington, feeling as though my environment, lack of interest in academia and outside influences had been the cause of my underachievement, I decided that my best option was to begin anew at Santa Barbara Community College in California. I assumed that if I simply told myself that I wanted to succeed and changed my environment, even though I was not yet willing to change my habits as a student, I would magically begin to succeed. I never found the success I was looking for at SBCC and rationalized that changing my environment once again would prove that I was correct in attributing my problems to factors and influences that were external.
In trying to correct my problems by changing my external influences, I moved back to Washington and enrolled at Seattle Central Community College. After three quarters at SCCC, and having made only marginal changes to my academic habits, I found little success. After this second year of failure, feeling as though I was walking further into a valley of failure that would be nearly impossible to climb out of, I seriously considered stopping my education all together and finding work that did not require a college degree. I knew that if I made the choice to…

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