Essay about My Life Of My Brother

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I was almost 11 years old when my step father came into the picture, and my brother was two. Serge (my step father) had a son of his own, Fabian. At first it was great having a man stay in mine and my brother’s life, it was nice having a father figure in my life because I had never had one before and I could tell at the time he made my mother very happy.
Things started to change after my parents married, it was when Serge started showing his true colors. It started with punishing my brother and I with a slap on the bottom but then moved to objects, such as the spoon, the belt and then any object that was in front of him. The abuse only happened to myself and Nick (biological brother), he only hit Fabian once. It was terrible the treatment my brother and I got. Nick would have bruises all over him but they were able to be covered my clothing, except for the one time when my brother put his poor little hands in the way and they got the blows of the hits, which caused three of his fingers to break (he was only 5).
I was so scared of my brother being hurt again, I would take the blame for things he had done so he wold not be punished. Our school had finally started noticing the different behaviours we were displaying, and also started noticing little bruises here and there on my brother and I, the school then decided to follow their policies and procedures and talked to both my brother and I about our home life, they then proceeded to contact Children’s Aid Society. The Social…

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