My Life Of Becoming A Teacher Essays

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As I close a chapter in my life I can look back and see how fortunate my life has been. I live in a country where I can receive a free education that will allow me to live a life of success; I have had a healthy life, and a supportive family. While I will be completing my associate’s degree this week I still have a road ahead of me. I have always dreamed of becoming a teacher and I will soon be one degree away from accomplishing one of the biggest goals I have ever had. Often times I put my high school and college years thus far together. I have spent three semesters at Meramec but high school to me felt almost harder than college. Taking up to eight college credit classes a year in high school made my course load more difficult than the time I have studied here at Meramec. However, I find that this helped me become who I am. Since college has been less stress than high school I have been able to explore more of who I want to be. I have been able to work more at my job being a teacher, I have had more time to spend with friends and enjoy becoming an adult. Being able to work more has allowed me to get more hands on experience with children and build my knowledge of how to run a classroom, how to handle classroom management, and has helped me develop better communication skills with professionals. Also by taking college credit courses in high school it better prepared me for what college was going to be like. I feel like I have had less stress and time accomplishing my…

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