Essay on My Life Of A Person 's Life

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In a person’s life there are often experiences and life events that occur that truly mold and shape that individual’s life. Often times these experiences or occurrences help this person to either better themselves, or lead them into a direction they are meant to go. Though the ideal situation is to have pleasant events happen, sometimes even the most tragic events can be great eye openers. I can certainly attest to this statement. Four years ago my father passed away from pancreatic cancer, and this loss forever altered my life and my frame of mind. My father and I were definitely very close. Being the younger of two siblings, I had an opportunity to really get to know and work with him on a different level. While my two sisters were out of the house pursuing adult lives, I was helping my father with his Self-Employed Maintenance business. I saw him every day, and we really bonded together over work. I was inspired by the fact that he was Self-Employed and deeply admired his Entrepreneur mentality. He persevered through everything, and he never complained about anything. Even when my father was feeling terrible physically, he never showed it. That is why when he had to start staying home and missing work because he was too tired, or physically exhausted, my family and I knew something had to be wrong. We received his terminal prognosis on April 27, 2011, and it is a date I will never forget. My family and I immediately started spending more time together. We tried to act as…

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