Essay on My Life Of A Nursing Home

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The woman walked up to her kids. She had a little son and three little girls. All of them had not lost anyone close to them, or have they ever had anyone get hurt enough that they had to go to the hospital. She had all of them sit on the couch. “Well Grandpa has to go into a nursing home, Grandma can not take care of him no more.” The woman said it with such a nice calm voice. Even though it was a really bad thing, she just made it sound like no big deal, but inside she was freaking out, because her dad was going into a nursing home because he was very ill. That woman would be my Mom. She was able to smile a little to help her four innocent kids, my siblings. My little brother was only 3 and my two sister were 12 and 8, I was only 10. Grandpa was taken to a nursing home in Roselawn two days after she told us that. We would go see our grandpa ever Sunday, after church. One day we walked in and I saw my grandpa and he was hurt badly. On his left arm he had blue and purple bruises and he was tie down. I was so confused I had no clue why he was tied up, and I started crying there. My mom went to go get the nurse she was filled with fury.
She went up to the nurse and said “ Why is my father tied up like a animal!”
The little blond nurse looked scared, before saying something she shuttered then mumbled under her breath.
“H H He was fighting against us and we could not handle him.” She looking down at the floor.
My mother replied fast so the nurse could not get a word out.…

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