Essay about My Life Of A Hospital

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I remember sitting in a hospital lounge around 4 am with my family, still trying to understand what had just happened to my mother. I remember one second me in a car with her driving back home from an exhausting road trip, and the next hastily being driven to Frankford Hospital, where my mother had been helicoptered to. A doctor came to meet us and told my father something in a low voice that I couldn’t make out. My father turned to my uncle and said to drive me, my sister and my grandma home, as he would be staying at the hospital for a few days. I later had been told by my sister that my mother had suffered from another stroke.
This all happened in the summer of 2008 in New York, it was a dark night but the road was lit with cars. I was with my family driving back home down a highway to Bensalem, where I lived. It was around 11pm when we knew something was wrong with my mother. She started murmuring something about her body feeling numb halfway through the trip. My dad took one look at her and pulled over to the side of the road and started questioning her about how she felt. My mother tried specifying how she felt but she all she could make out were a few scrambled words. My dad then called an ambulance and they took her to some hospital in New York, where she was then helicoptered to Frankford Hospital.
This incidence changed my life forever, while it was a horrible time in my life, it taught me how to take care of myself and others. For the first time in my life, I had…

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