Essay on My Life Of A Chicken Cheese

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When I was younger I was very nervous and excited for the week that was approaching. This was the first time I would take care of myself for one entire week. My mom was leaving town for an ENTIRE WEEK and I had to look after the house, cook, clean and everything else that mom would do while she was here. Before she left she had triple checked everything to make sure that the house wouldn’t burn down while she was gone. Of course it wouldn 't be that difficult since my sister was still home and she knew how to cook a lot more than I did. But as cleaning and doing laundry I knew I would have to take care of this myself because my sister had never even touched the washer before. Right before my mom left she said “ Remember in the future you will have to do everything yourself”. This resonated within me and I was set on trying to learn how to cook something besides a grilled cheese. Throughout the week me and my sister survived off of instant food and junk food, after about two days we had enough and we decided to try our hand at cooking. My sister was able to prepare the meal without any trouble, whereas I managed to burn the rice. So we decided to leave the cooking to her and I would manage all the cleaning and the laundry. After about the fifth day we had exhausted our supply of junk food so we had to cook, my sister was getting tired of cooking the entire time so she decided to show me how to cook in exchange I would have to show her how to wash the laundry. So about a day…

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