My Life Of A Career Essay

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Dirt covered children in tattered clothes ran towards us as we stepped off of the bus onto the dirt roads of Ticul, Mexico. No amount of reading about culture or news articles about current events could have prepared me for what I saw when I arrived to the small town Ticul with my mission team.
For most of my life I presumed the closest I would ever come to a career in medicine would be basic first aid and an occasional CPR class. However, as I spent time in Mexico ministering to the children and families my heart broke to see some of the simple medical issues that some of the people were dealing with and how these easily treated issues often worsened simply because they did not have the resources or medical tools available to address the problems. Despite this heartbreak, I found true joy in meeting the people in the city, earning their trust, and helping them as much as I could while I was there. However, I could not shake the feeling that I was capable of doing so much more, and I recognized my yearning to have a more hands on role with more medical resources to use in the treatment of hurting individuals. When I left Mexico I had an undeniable desire to change people’s lives in a very tangible way.
My undergraduate bachelor’s degree in social work with a second major in psychology did not directly correlate to a career as a medical doctor. However, my trip to Mexico lead me to begin rethinking my future and career. So, with a new drive to accomplish my goal of…

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