Personal Narrative: How Waterville Changed My Life

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When I first moved to the village of Waterville I was amazed at the welcome I got from all of my neighbors. At the time the man I only knew as Chuck greeted us at the doorstep of our new home and helped us move boxes inside. As he helped he told fun stories about the area and made sure that we had his number. He lived right across the street from us and invited my family to a barbeque later that night. I wasn’t until a week or two later that someone told me that Chuck was the mayor of Waterville and that he greeted every new person to the community like that. Chuck was loved by all and anywhere he went people would stop to talk to him and see how he was doing. Sadly Chuck passed away the summer before I moved to college but I believe that he …show more content…
The Anthony Wayne Middle School and High School in Waterville were located on the edge of town and took students from Waterville, Monclova, and Whitehouse. Whitehouse and Monclova were two similarly small cities that were located just a mile or two from Waterville. When I reached high school I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life and was scared of the reality of how some of my choices would directly impact the rest of my life. While I did not know my path in life I did know that I loved music and that I wanted to go into the high school band. When I first joined the band I had been playing tuba for around four years and I felt fairly confident in my playing abilities. The first time when I played with the seniors though my reality was shattered. They were all so much better than me and I believed that I would never reach their level. My high school band director on the other hand saw potential in me and gave me lessons to become better. By the end of my sophomore year I was first chair in the top band at our school and I knew that music was a passion that I wanted to pursue. My band director Roy Young also gave me advice on how to pursue my dreams as a music educator and as a Bowling Green Alumni he showed me the college that I fell am enamored with to this day. Mr. Young was just like me having grown up in the city of Waterville and then going to Bowling Green. He loved our small …show more content…
There is nothing wrong with neighbors helping each other out and keeping an eye out for each other. This level of watchfulness is why Waterville has such a low crime rate and why fires are spotted and put out immediately. Others may argue that the school system may not be that great or that the children really aren 't that enthusiastic at all. As someone who moved a lot as a child though and went to many different schools I am sure that Waterville was better and vastly different. While the other schools seemed lifeless prisons Waterville exudes an air of encouragement and excitement for knowledge. The only thing that the Waterville school system does not do well is football and even then the team is always trying new tactics and are motivated for success.
To conclude the city of Waterville is the friendliest and kindest city I have ever been in. I saw my friend and hero Chuck Payton put his blood, sweat, and tears into his job as mayor and the entire town prospered because of him. The school system is encouraging and the fire department and police are always right there to protect and help anyone in need. I am so lucky to have grown up in such a marvelous city that feels like one giant

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