Essay on My Life Is Not Visually Pleasurable, Is It Meaningful?

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If my life is not subjectively pleasurable, is it meaningful? To first answer this question, we will first have to define what it means to be subjectively pleasurable or what it means to be meaningful. What aspect should we look at this question from; should we look at it in a societal point of view or should we look at it at a personal point of view? What is subjectively pleasurable to me, may not be for someone else or society on the other hand. My meaning of life would not be the same to many persons in society. Note, however, that you cannot address the meaning of life without addressing the purpose of life. It may sound like two interchangeable terms, but they are not; they are implications of each other. Therefore the question should instead ask, “What is the purpose of life? Does that purpose makes your life subjectively pleasurable, if not, is your life meaningful?” Now that we have a clearer question, we can now attempt to answer it. First let’s begin with what it means to be subjectively pleasurable.
For something to be subjectively pleasurable means that while you are involved in that activity you experience conscious happiness, enjoyment and positive feedback. It is a mental state where you are consciously experiencing various amount of pleasure in situations. This is the reason why I mentioned earlier that what might be subjectively pleasurable to me may not be for you. As humans pleasure is something that we all seek; something that we all strive for. Even at…

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