My Life Is An Ordinary Day Essay

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Of course, there is no defining moment in life. Life isn’t a fairytale, the only magic is metaphorical, and there is no “Poof!” moment with instant adulthood attached to it. Many moments could claim ownership to my metamorphosis into a young adult, and perhaps, in their own way, each event did play a part in who I am today, but only one event in my life is the event that I would share as my personal bildungsroman.
It was supposed to be an ordinary day, that September forth, too early to expect a snow day and late enough that the newness of school has faded. September forth was supposed to be ordinary. It seemed I was the only one who knew better. That day both my backpack and heart were heavier. I was bringing my laptop to school for the first time. I don’t know why I finally acquiesced. Maybe it was the constant nagging from my mother telling me to stop acting like a teenager and caring about everyone else’s opinions. Maybe it was the extra work I finally got sick of doing, the rewriting of papers, the at-home typing of tests. Maybe it was my internal voice telling me to grow up and do what was right for me. Whatever the impetus, I was going to school, and I was going to whip out my laptop and start typing away in a sea of Bics and patterned spiral notebooks. Proclaiming, once again—inward groan—that I am different.

I used to be a non-conformist. In fourth grade, I enjoyed Gladwell and Kaku, prided myself on my hatred of candy, and didn’t do my homework. My favorite…

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