My Life Is An Amazing Person Essays

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Hello fifteen-year-old me. You will soon leave everything that you valued for your entire life. It is okay, though, do not over stress yourself, thinking what is going to happen after you leave. You will be fine, your dad will take a good care of you. He will show you the right way, to help you become successful. He is the same or even better person as your mother told you. I will not lie to you saying everything will be perfect but trust me it’s not as scary as you think. Your dad is an amazing person, He will be the first men you will fall in love with. You are his only child so he will spoil you in every possible way. He tries to teach you about life from his experience. Every night he will remind you how much he loves you and how many obstacles he had to overcome to get you on his side. After knowing some of the things he did for you, you will know that good people like him still exist in this world. He will be your world, happiness, first love and the reason why you are motivated to stay strong. You will learn many things from your dad. He will not always tell you, want you want to hear, sometimes you need a little more honesty. While your mother and friends tell you compliments that you need to stay motivated. Your dad is going to be the person who will compromise the good and bad things and tells you honestly about the real you and what you really have to do in the real world. He will give you the advice which will help you through your entire life. You will…

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