My Life Is A Journey Essay

796 Words Jun 5th, 2016 4 Pages
Life is a journey. It is unpredicted, exciting and challenging. Some people decide their future before reaching adolescence, or their parents do. Not in my case. It took me quite a while to decide where I want to be in my 30s, and I still don’t have a clear image in my mind. I think that it is very important to find a passion in one’s life, and then transform it into a career. Having a career with purpose can change not only our life, but also lives of people around us. I want my future profession to be meaningful, and I want to make a difference by doing what I love. Now this is a very hard choice, which requires a lot of research, self exploring, and patience.
My research did not stop at the point where I decided to study psychology. As I went further and further being at my first semester at LaGuardia Community College, I explored more and more about psychology and its diversity. “The APA has 54 different divisions, each representing either a particular area of research and study or a particular area of practice” (p. 3). I had no idea that there are so many fields in psychology to be studied. I have to admit that when I first thought of becoming a psychologist, the image that I had in my mind was a clinical practice, counselor - helping people to get through the hard times in their lives, listening to their life failures, marriage problems, while trying not to let all the negative emotions root in their own minds. Turns out, there are so many more subfields to explore.…

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