Essay on My Life Is A Hellish Nightmare

1103 Words Apr 22nd, 2016 5 Pages
A slight vibration echoes in the room where I spent my summer’s vacations; the humid air of West Virginia seemed to contribute to the anxiety that suddenly possessed my body. Just a few months ago seemed like a life time ago as my best friend promised to continue our friendship even after a nasty fight with jealousy. Hoping she would want to talk it out, my finger touched the accept button and heard her voice. Her familiar voice that I had made laugh when I told a joke, her voice that shook as she would pour out her problems on my shoulder. Her voice that was now distant and vacant. Simple words stung like venom, spiraling me into a mental asylum. She no longer wanted my friendship, in fact she wanted one thing, and one thing only, to make my life become a hellish nightmare.
Prior, the rest of my summer was apologizing for nothing I did wrong, pleading and asking God what I had done to upset my former friend and why she thirst for empty revenge. I returned to school that fall feeling insignificant and isolated the moment my feet hit the cold pavement. It seemed as though anyone who looked at me would run away or point like I was a criminal and I had no idea why. Her new friends would spread rumors saying not only did I carry disease but also anything I touched suddenly became “infected.” This was just the beginning, notes would flood my locker discussing my weight and appearances, and friends I thought I had long abandoned me for the popular kids. As a result, I grew…

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