My Life Is A College Student And A High School Student Essay

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“Work hard for four years, or work hard the rest of your life.” Being a college student and a high school student can be very demanding at times. I am constantly exhausted with all my extracurricular activities like band and student council, and on top of that I have to find time to work. College is very time consuming, so that is why it is important to learn how to manage your time correctly. With everything going on in my life, it is important to keep procrastinating to a minimum, keep a steady schedule, and continue developing my time management skills so I would not get behind in any of my work in my college or high school classes. During the summer, I decided to take two dual credit courses: economics and government. I enrolled in these classes so I could receive college hours and fulfill my high school credits, making it a win-win. Finding time to balance my job, band, and spending time with family and friends was not the easiest task. When I enrolled in the economics and government classes , I knew it would be a challenge. During my government class, I learned how crucial it is to manage your time without procrastinating. I had my first paper due on June 23, and the night before I was putting the final touches on my paper about Super PACS, and of course my computer decided to crash. When my computer started back up, none of my changes had been saved. I was devastated. I had just spent two hours working on my final draft. At that moment I realized that I had…

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