My Life Involved Moving From School Essay

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My life involved moving from school to school; as I grew older I realized that the education system in the U.S. is different than education systems in another country. I recall my first grade living in Egypt where my mom paid 500 dollars a month for me to be able to go to a good school. Living there I don’t remember much but I do recall how the teachers wanted everyone in there class to succeed no matter how hard things are for them. Are high schools in other countries surpassing high schools in america? I decided to interview my brother because he had more memories because he attended high school in Egypt until his freshman year. I remember my brother calling us and saying how exasperated he felt during his freshmen year; but for me attending my first year of high school I felt differently in america . As I interviewed my brother he said that it was hard to get by each class. He said that the high school were creating inventors that would say I remember everything I learned in high school. My brother said he was lucky to be even going to high school because of how expensive it is; he also states if you didn’t work hard that was money wasted from our moms packet every month. In kyoko Mori School she recalls, “Many Americans who criticize their own school system for being “too easy” (Mori).” He agreed with that statement he could fail every test and wouldn’t care in america because he felt like he wasn’t under pressure like when he lived in Egypt. For him the…

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