My Life Influenced The Way I Grew Up Essay examples

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This essay will discuss how an event in my life influenced the way I grew up, and how it shaped and developed my beliefs, values and attitudes and how they affected the way I played. It will relate to Lev Vygotsky and how his theory relates to my event and the way I grew up. It will also link and discuss how I was brought up relates to Te Whariki and how Vygotsky’s theory suggests adults should support children’s learning and development.
Growing up there were several events that happened that influenced who I am today. What I consider to be the greatest influential event during my childhood was learning to read and how it transpired. I was an only child until I was nearly six, which as a result meant I did not have role models other than my family and family friends. One of our family friends had a son named Connor and by the time I turned three or four, he had been at school for a year or two already. After school we would regularly visit their house, and as a result of this I would be there while Connor would do his reading homework. He used to point out the words to me while saying them and ask me if I knew what several of the words were. Whilst growing up, my different beliefs, and values affected the way I played and my attitudes towards diverse situations or events. The event of Connor reading alongside me, made me value reading, and books and later, my academic performance. I definitely favoured my academic ability over my physical competence.
Some of the beliefs,…

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