My Mandala Project Example

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My Mandala project
My mandala talks about what my life is about. I will talk about somethings that show what my life is about.One thing that is the main thing is baseball. Some examples are baseball,Dodgers,Panda Express,and Mexico and U.S.C.
Baseball is the main thing in my Mandala . Baseball ties our family together. Baseball has been in my family for many years. I used to go to the park on sundays to see my grandpa play. I always wanted to play baseball when i was smaller. It was my dream to play baseball I wanted to play for the Dodgers. I want to be in there history. Baseball is my main sport of my life. Everybody is my family played baseball at once in time. I have to been to many baseball stadiums all around the U.S. I go to a new stadium every year. I always go to Dodger Stadium every year with my family and friends.
Dodgers is the main baseball team that my family go for. IT all started with my grandpa. He started liking baseball when he came to the U.S when he was 15 years old. I go to Dodgers
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The things i like from mexico is the food , the culture and the sports. The food that i like is tacos, rice beans, and soups. I like the baseball teams from mexico. MY team from mexico is the Rieleros de Aquascalients. They have have one championships. They got that one in 1978. It connects to me because my grandpa is from there and that’s his favorite team other than the dodgers. I have been to mexico 3 times in my life. The last time i been to mexico was in 2017. I had fun time seeing my family that i have not seen for like 10 years. When I was in mexico i played baseball with my cousins. IT is not common to see someone wearing something baseball on overthere. When I think of mexico is a big part of my life because its where my family is from.Baseball all so came from over there because my grandpa is from over there and he brought baseball from over

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