Personal Narrative: My Life In America

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The life in America caught me by surprised and I have learned to understand that; life isn 't always what others portrait it to be. Never thought my entire life would have appeared to be like a roller-coaster; ironically things didn 't work out the way I planned and expected. One moment I was filled with laughter and happiness; then disheartened and feeling traumatized by my father know that h we wasn 't being realistic, creating a dull and lifeless picture in my mine. Later on , throughout my journey, fortunately, I met my adorable, kindhearted, positive, loving and caring best friend and mentor, kelsey Dickson. On a hot summer day, sunny and humid. I migrated to the beautiful land of America; that would be called, my new home. I …show more content…
There I lived with my cousin and her husband, because I was sick and tired of living in new York city. After a while I start seeking for jobs everywhere; boredom was trying to ruin my life. Eventually, I was scheduled for a job a interview, two after my job search. On the day of the interview I could not have found the building where the interview was being held, because the main office was at different location and it snowing horrible too that morning. In addition to that I was a new residence to get familiar with the street names and number. However, I met this stranger ( kelsey Dickson, a teacher and a counselor at a high school) on my way home on the bus, who is now my best friend and a mentor. I was sitting opposite from mrs. Dickson on the bus, directly behind the bus driver 's seat, but wasn 't aware that she was attentively observing my face expressions. Disappointed I was that day, because I was unable to show up for my interview; so it didn 't dawned on me I was frowning and looking depressed, until she asked "excused me sweetheart, are you alright?" Right away I replied and we both started a meaningful conversation. After spoke words of inspiration and encouragement, I felt brand new; her dynamic personality shined light in to my life. I appreciated that she reached out and cared for me. She understood me and she could have related to my

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