My Life I Have Always Loved Business Essay

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My whole life I have always loved business. Someday I hope to start a business of my own; I hope that one day I can pass it down to my children. Some things I have to consider when I take this journey is, budgeting, education, and time. I think for my long term goal, these three things are detrimental to succeeding at my dream of starting my own business. There are phases to everyone’s long term goal; there will always be some sort of organized process in completed a task or a goal. Being successful is not something you can measure physically, and it can only be measured mentally by the sole ownership of a dream being fulfilled. I am currently working overtime to achieve my future career goal. I tell myself ever day to day life “one day at a time”.
I have been obsessed with counting money and keeping track of numbers, and by numbers I more specifically mean currency numbers. I try to understand that currency is only a number, and does not mean you are more successful than the person next to you. I just so happen to love keeping track of money, tracking bills, and financial planning. I have told myself “In order for me to fulfill my career goal I have to get at least an associate degree in business accounting.” I am hoping I won’t just settle for an associate’s degree, and that I will strive for my bachelor’s degree in business accounting.
In order for me to keep on track with my education I need to be taking at least 12 credit hours per semester. In that, I also have to…

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