My Life Has Made Me Who I Am Today Essays

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My life had been full of events and experiences that have made me who I am today. Although some have been good things I’ve gone through, there have also been rough situations I’ve had to deal with. With each one of these though, I have been able to become the person I am now. There are many things that have shaped me throughout my life; two of the most important have been the day my sister was born and the day we got our first pet.
It had been an amazing day. My birthday was on a Saturday and I had been looking forward to the party my parents had planned for me. That day, we woke up early to set everything up in the backyard and finish all the shopping we had left to do. Later that day, my mom started preparing all the food needed for the guests that were about to arrive. All of our friends, and some of our family members came over. We all enjoyed being together that day playing, singing and dancing. The adults sat and sang, while the kids played.
At around seven that afternoon, I got to open my presents and we got the piñatas. Dancing and playing is how we ended our night. Time seemed to pass by so fast, we were up all night, and didn 't even notice. The last time I had checked, it was only ten. When I was really tired and ready for bed, it was already two in the morning. I thought I would wake up late the next day, because I hadn’t been to bed that late before. My parents waited for everyone to leave, or to settle in their room, before they went to sleep. The next…

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