My Life Has Changed Forever Essay

1030 Words Feb 22nd, 2016 5 Pages
One look away and BAM! Your life has now changed forever. While talking on her cell phone and going at a speed of approximately sixty-five miles per hour, Karen Morris, 34 ran a red light and collided into another vehicle. Leona Grief and Marcia Nathans were two of the victims that were pronounced dead at the scene. Eliot Nathans, 44, was the third passenger who severely injured and remains in critical condition. Both Karen and her daughter were treated with only minor injuries (“Felony Charges in Distracted”). A family is now broken, all because you took a glance at that distracting little screen. Even though most people think a text message takes just seconds to reply, texting and driving should become a felony because multi-tasking leads to a punishment you will regret and innocent lives are becoming at risk.
Most people think a text message takes just seconds to reply. The number of seconds drivers take their eyes off the roads just to send a text message or to even glance at their phones is two to five seconds (“46 Important Texting”). Anything can happen in two to five seconds. Between those two to five seconds that you’re looking down at your phone you are just waiting for an accident to happen. In two to five seconds you can be a lot closer to where you’re going. People don’t know the damages they can cause by just looking down for a second or two. If you think by stopping at a red light or even stopping at a stop sign is safe to use your phone your…

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