My Life Has Been A Big Whirlwind Of Crazy Essay

770 Words Nov 9th, 2015 4 Pages
My whole life has always been a big whirlwind of crazy. This current situation I am in now but the ultimately the worse situation I have been in my entire life so far. A couple clicks on the computer, and I ended up this predicament. On the positive note, it could be an awful lot worse than it already is dwelling to be.
My suite mate, Stephanie, or who I like to call “one” is a nut job. She needs to be at home, which is 20 minutes away. “One” situation should never be allowed to get this disastrous or been allow to live on campus due to the circumstances of her situation. She has been or currently millions upon millions of narcotics meaning she does not take them she is a hurricane of emotions. She has clinical social anxiety and thousands of other medicals. I even got advised from my boyfriend’s mother because she is the head nurse one of the local hospitals at my hometown. I gave Mrs. Palmer, my boyfriend’s mother, descriptions of her problems and she saying is bipolar or schizophrenic. She has put her dirty underwear in my underwear drawer, stared at me in my sleep, put decorations all over my room, questioning me like I am being investigated, always trying to keep up with me like she is my mom, her mom constantly texts me, and constantly staring at me in class. She never take a shower and wears the same clothes for days. She does not even flush the toilet or washed her hands, which is disgusting since she is constant touches everything. She constantly yells at mom…

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