My Life Goals

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I have always had three goals in mind that if achieved; I knew I would have a full and complete life. Goal one: be a loving and supportive spouse. Goal two: be a compassionate, understanding, guiding and loving mother. Goal three: have a successful career in a field of choice that I felt passionate and connected to. Fortunately for me I feel that I have started and am on a great path to succeeding in two of the three goals. I would now like to take the time and have the opportunity to start down the path of success on the third goal.

I grew up in a family of seven; with me being the middle child. I had loving parents who always tried hard and did what was best for the family. Their story was like many other young couples story back in the
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He was a few years’ older and very good friends with my brother. As we got older we would sit in the driveway hanging out and talk for hours. I always had a "crush" on him but figured that's all it would ever be. Jeff moved away for college and would come home on breaks and for the summer. We would talk here and there but we were really in two different phases in or lives. Then one day we got a call that he had been in a hunting accident. It was unknown at that time how bad it was and all we could do was wait to hear. It turned out that he had fallen asleep in his tree stand and fell over twenty feet to the ground. He ended up with a C6 incomplete quadriplegic injury. He was told at that time that he would never walk again, would need 24 hour care and that he would have to have an electric wheelchair to get around. This was not a suitable outcome for Jeff. I went to visit him in the hospital and wasn't really sure what to expect. Would he be angry, depressed, a former shell of the person I knew before? I guess I really expected the worst of the worst. Instead I walked into the room and he smiled and started joking right away and it seemed like this huge life changing event hadn't even fazed him; what would have possibly destroyed others just inspired him and motivated him to prove that this injury would not beat him. Jeff moved home after rehab, without the electric chair, refused to …show more content…
After obtaining my degree the plan is to seek a position as either a Compensation Analyst, Benefits Coordinator, or possibly a Training and Development specialist. With my ultimate end goal being to become a compensation and benefits manager. In this position you have the ability to provide savings to the company by not overpaying for positions but also develop and sculpt a benefits package and salary plan that will attract the talent to your company. I feel that this type of position would optimize my skill set and allow me to fully utilize my analytical skills as well as my business and HR

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