Essay about My Life For A Nursing Home

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the scariest thought a person could have is the thought of where will they end up when they get old. there are many of the older people right now in our society, that are still debating on whether to have their family moved them to an assisting living facility, where they have a stranger taking care of them or staying home with their loved ones and have better care, better treatment, and the attention that they deserve. I love my mother with every being of my fiber, putting her in a nursing where people are pretending to care for her but instead, neglect her, is just not going to happen. she works hard and put herself last to give me an education so I can get a good paying job that will pay me well enough so, I can take care of her in her golden years. so, putting her in a nursing home is out the question, I am not willing to put her at risk nor willing to lose early. since I was born, that woman been taking care of me without a single complaining and until this day she 's never tired of doing it. she deserves to be put up in a very nice, sophisticated condo where nurses and doctors coming over to take care of her. seeing her happy always lighten my day and if putting her in a nice condo will keep her happy for the rest of her days on earth that 's exactly what I 'm going to do. this brings me to the topic of elder abuse and/or neglect.

when someone says abuse or neglect, we automatically think of children when they are not the only ones who abused…

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