My Life For A Healthy Life Essay

768 Words Aug 20th, 2015 4 Pages
In life you’re granted with one life, one body, one or two sets of parents, maybe even one parent. But you’re granted with one life and one life only so you’re expected to take care of it, to live it to the fullest. I for one plan to live a very healthy life till my time is up. But by that I plan to have a daily exercise routine, perhaps a morning walk or run follow by a healthy diet. I like to think the mornings are what gets the day started. Also continue to have a small group of positive people because why surround yourself with negative people who don’t want to see you succeed? I like to thank my mother, someone who has not only helped but inspired me throughout my 19 years of living. And as I take on my road of adulthood she has had more talks with me about becoming a women. One thing my mother has really helped me with is to take action into sexual responsibility, and to not take sex as a joke but to take actual note that it is a set of responsibility’s. She has explained numerous times that I am only going to be given one life but that I should also be smart with my decisions especially when it comes to sex. To always remember that there is protection being sold in stores and also birth control. I do not agree on the use of birth control, I wouldn’t want to create problems down the road when I’m ready to have a baby. In life you’re going to meet someone who gives you butterflies and you’re going to want to experiment but you also have to think that sex can wait. You…

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